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Natural Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Point Wand: Aura, Love, Emotion, Transformation

Natural Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Point Wand: Aura, Love, Emotion, Transformation

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Natural Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Point Wand: Aura, Love, Emotions, Transformation 


Chakra correspondences: Heart, higher heart (thymus), heart seed

Physiological correspondences: Heart, blood, circulation, thymus gland, lungs, adrenals, skin, brain stem, and reproductive and lymphatic systems

Vibration: Earthy and high

Metaphysically stimulates the Third Eye: strengthens scrying power and opens Clairvoyance to the finest levels of guidance.

Stabilizes emotions during traumatic times: helping you look objectively at situations to avoid emotional overwhelm.


Rose Quartz has long been known as the stone of unconditional love.

Rose Quartz heals emotions and transforms relationships with yourself and others, drawing in love and harmony. Hold this crystal of auric and heart protection to bring loving vibes into your heart and subtle etheric bodies.


Rose Quartz releases unexpressed emotions and underlying heartache that create psychosomatic dis-ease and which may affect fertility. This gentle crystal energetically harmonizes the brain, and, placed over the higher heart (thymus) chakra, it may calm breathing difficulties.


If you are unable to recognize where emotion is locked into your body, hold Rose Quartz, inhale deeply, and then exhale. Stay in the stillness of the out-breath and let your body tell you where it feels the tension. Breathe again to draw in healing love and direct it to the site with the power of your mind or by placing the crystal over the spot.

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IMPORTANT: Not all of the crystal towers are this tall. Some are shorter. Some may be a lot shorter. The tower you order will match the WEIGHT of the tower you ordered, but they come in all different dimensions.

Parts of this Description were gathered from this Source:
101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation by Judy Hall.


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